Thursday, April 23, 2009

Modelling Chiunzi Pass (2)

Well I got some wine boxes from Tesco and cut them cut to provide the zig-zag roads.
Once covered with a cloth you can see the intended effect. The would be more rough ground on top of the pass and more hills continuing along either side.

The main problem will be stopping the cloth slipping and I'll have to do this with a combination of methods including parcel tape, pinning and for the roads some double sided tape.


Counterpane said...

That looks rather good. Now I can see what the previous drawing meant. ;-)

I suggest we experiment on the day with our various grades of cloth to see which drapes best.

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

Why not cover the box with some paper mache' made from newspaper? You could paint and flock it. Or buy a dedicated piece of cloth for it and spray the box liberally with spray adhesive and permanently affix the cloth.

I like this idea, I may have to do something similar sometime.