Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Latest Who's Doing What Posting

Me (Richard C)
No.2 (Army) Commando
Ranger HQ
Ranger Cannon Company
1st Ranger Bn
Supply echelon DUKWs
Some terrain mats

Richard B
3rd Ranger Bn
I. Panzer Grenadier Bn
16. Aufklaerungsabteilung

Stuart A
4th Ranger Bn

Will McN
Some more terrain mats
41 (RM) Commando Will
654 AOP Sqn


Fire at Will said...

41 RM Commando - no problem, along with anything else that is missing

Counterpane said...


Anything else? OK, that's a couple of Hunt Class Destroyers, a Landing Craft Gun (Large), the whole of Panzer Division Hermann Goering, Salerno, Naples....