Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Scenario thoughts

We should think about how far we want to follow history in setting up our scenario.  

In reality the Rangers got in land as far as Chiunzi Pass before they encountered serious opposition.  The Commandos also got fairly far inland having faced only relatively light opposition.  Most of their heavy fighting was after they had been transfered closer to Salerno itself.

On the other hand, if we allow the German players too much freedom of deployment we're in danger of spending all of Saturday just watching the Allies cling to the beaches.  If we've spent ages building the rest of the terrain that'd be a shame.

On the third hand, I've said before that this northern part of the landings is rather like a bathtubbed version of the whole Salerno battle.  The main landings really did spend days clinging to a relatively narrow bridgehead so perhaps we should simulate that?

Or should I keep it all to myself and leave the players in the dark as to what to expect?

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